Ejército Nacional destruye controladamente áreas minadas en el departamento de Arauca

The installation of deadly weapons close to the civilian population is increasingly recurring.


In military operations, troops of the Eighteenth Brigade, a unit of the Quirón Task Force, found two areas prepared with explosives that the 'Omaira Montoya Henao' Group of the Eln had planted to directly attack on the civilian population and the military units in the municipality of Fortul, Arauca.


The Special Energy and Roads Battalion No.14 carried out the military operation in the Agua Viva village in tactical search and reconnaissance tasks in rural areas, where they found four antipersonnel mines, thanks to the information provided by the citizens where they affirmed that the explosives had been planted by alias 'Albertico', an important expert in explosives of the terrorism support networks.


Another military operation was carried out by the troops of the Ground Operations Battalion No.27, on the Rosa Blanca village, where an unexploded ammunition (type 60 mm grenade) was found. It was destroyed by the EXDE explosives group.


Source: Quiron Task Force

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 By merybra