Ejército Nacional realiza siembra de árboles y jornada de embellecimiento cerca a la UIS, en Bucaramanga

The objective of this operation seeks to recover public spaces and return tranquility to the sector of El Caballo, in Bolívar and the Barrio San Alonso in Bucaramanga.


Since 19 October, the Comprehensive Security Plan began to be implemented, thanks to a coordinated effort by the Fifth Brigade of the Second Division of the National Army, with the Mayor's Office of Bucaramanga and the National Police, to improve security rates in El Caballo, Bolívar, and the San Alonso neighborhood in Bucaramanga, Santander.


In the last few hours, in a joint work conducted by soldiers of Engineer Battalion No.5, civil personnel, violators of the National Code of Security and Citizen Coexistence managers of the municipal mayor's office, were carried out maintenance work in the Glorieta del Caballo, in Bolívar and sectors adjacent to the Industrial University of Santander. During the activity, work was carried out to clean walls, collect waste and plant 100 native seedlings, to contribute to the beautification of the place.


This work not only guarantees the safety of a public space that for some time was controlled by criminals, but in the same way contributes to the conservation of environments, the well-being of the community and eliminates behaviors that generate danger.


These activities are part of the inter-institutional approach of the National Army with the inhabitants, restoring confidence and tranquility in this important university area.


Source: press-National Army

Monday, October 25, 2021 By merybra