Aviación del Ejército Nacional brinda ayuda humanitaria, en el sur de Bolívar

With helicopter evacuation, the National Army helps a girl who was injured after a serious traffic accident.


Thanks to an Mi-17 helicopter of the Air Assault Aviation Division of the National Army, with its mobility and maneuver battalion No.1, a rapid technical and human deployment was carried out to protect the life of a minor in the municipality of Santa Rosa del Sur, Bolivar. She was seriously injured after a traffic accident where her mother, a social leader in this region of the country, died.


Medical staff of the local hospital of Santa Rosa del Sur, Bolivar and the battalion of Jungle No.48, monitored the vital signs of this minor during the flight that left directly to the city of Aguachica, Cesar, so that she was assisted immediately.


With operations like this, the First Division of the National Army reaffirms its commitment to help the most vulnerable people in the south of Bolivar, seeking to improve the quality of life.


Source: Press-National Army Air Assault Aviation Division

Friday, January 22, 2021 By merybra