Con más de 60.000 efectivos, el Ejército Nacional cubrirá comicios electorales en todo el país

The objective is to guarantee the right to vote of 37,136,581 citizens in 1,122 municipalities, where 11,590 ballot boxes throughout the national territory have been protected.


The National Army, in execution of the Strategic Axis of Institutional Control of the Territory, corresponding to the Bicentenary Heroes Plan, ensures that citizens freely go to the polls on Sunday, October 27, during the elections to elect mayors, governors, municipal councils, departmental assemblies and local administration boards. In this regard, it has more than 60 thousand units that, jointly and in coordination with other units such as the Colombian Air Force, the National Navy and the National Police, will maintain security throughout the national territory, especially in areas of special attention.


In order to guarantee the right to vote, there is support of the National Army Air Assault Aviation Division, with helicopters, with Black Hawk, MI and UHN1, and Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft; There is in the same way a fleet of more than 500 armored tactical vehicles and high-capacity motorcycles to control the main roads in the country.


In the particular case of the Northeast region, the Second Army Division will have 9,310 men deployed in the departments of Santander, Santander, Boyacá, south of Bolívar and south of Cesar, covering 1,611 polling stations.


In the same way, in the Southwest region, the Third Army Division will have deployed in the departments of Cauca, Valle del Cauca and Nariño, 8,267 men for 2,180 polling stations.


And so, in each of the regions of our country, the National Army with more than 60,000 men seeks to coordinate efforts with the other institutions of the Security forces, to led citizens to exercise their fundamental democratic right to vote protected by the Constitution and the Law.


Source: National Army

Monday, October 21, 2019 By merybra