Más de 600 Kilos de Marihuana fueron incautados por la Armada de Colombia en el Valle del Cauca

With this new blow to drug trafficking estimated at more than three million dollars, the Pacific Naval force surpasses the 18 tons of marijuana found in 2020.


The operations at the sea conducted by the units of the Colombian Navy through the Pacific naval force, led to the discovery of 683.8 kilograms of marijuana, which would be destined for Central America, in two operations, in the department of Valle del Cauca.


The first blow came in the middle of an operation of interception ate the sea 23 nautical miles from Isla Palma, when Units of the coast Guard Station in Tumaco, detected in the early morning hours, a boat traveling at high speed and ignoring the calls made by the crew of the Navy of Colombia.


After several minutes of pursuit, the blue boat manned by two Colombians and a Panamanian was stopped by the units who proceeded to inspect it, finding inside it 14 bags containing rectangular packages pressed and packed, with substances, apparently drugs, 294 gallons of gasoline and communication equipment.


The sacks, the boat and the individuals, were taken to the dock of the Coast Guard Station of Tumaco, where members of the Technical Research Corps, CTI, conducted the preliminary identification test to the substances confirming 497.4 kilograms of marijuana in 549 packages.


At the same time, in the area of the Tortugas Gulf, in Valle del Cauca, a Tumaco Coast Guard Rapid Reaction Unit, which was carrying out sea control operations on this sector, detected several bags floating suspiciously. At the time of the search, the crew found 363 rectangular packages, which turned out to be 186.4 kilograms of marijuana.


The narcotic substances were put into custody of the authorities together with those captured, who will be processed for the offences of trafficking, manufacture or transport of narcotic drugs.


Source: press-Navy of Colombia

Thursday, July 30, 2020 By merybra