Más de 4.000 pasajeros del Meta han sido beneficiados por la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana desde mayo

Since the indefinite closure of the road to the Llanos occurred, the Colombian Air Force has transported more than 4,000 passengers from the Air Combat Command No.2, in the village of Apiay, near Bogotá.


This time the humanitarian Air Bridge reports 122 flight hours, a fairly positive report that to date reports the transport of 755 patients, 4,195 passengers and 223 tons of cargo, including 3 flights with medical elements that have so help citizens of the department of Meta to continue to access their right to health.


Last week, patients and relatives were transported in a C295 Cassa plane, who after an hour in flight arrived in the capital of the country without any problems, to their appointments with the specialists. The Secretary of Government, Gerardo Mancera, said that these flights have led the health secretariat to continue guaranteeing the vaccination services and medical treatments in the 29 municipalities of Meta, mitigating the negative impacts on the health that this indefinite closure of the road could generate.


The patients and relatives thanked the Colombian Air Force for this air bridge that has taken them free of charge, to continue accessing their medical services, receive their medications and / or treatments.


Source: Colombian Air Force

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 By merybra