Más de 2.500 indígenas fueron beneficiados en la campaña “Sueño Azul” liderada por la Armada de Colombia

The Colombian Navy, in coordination with government institutions and the public and private sectors, led the campaign Sueño Azul (Blue Dream) safeguarding the customs of the Zenú indigenous people, created with the purpose of listening and reorienting the most felt needs of these communities, as well as bringing them institutional assistance to contribute to their comprehensive well-being and development.


Within the framework of the campaign, the Colombian Navy, through the Military Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group) - Sucre, carried out different Development Support Activities in the municipalities of Sampués, San Antonio de Palmito and Sincelejo, where 54 indigenous councils concentrate, which received free medical services, such as general medicine, internal medicine, dentistry, pediatrics and vaccination.


For their part, the women attending the activities had access to aesthetic and cosmetology services, the little ones enjoyed recreational activities and the young and adult entrepreneurs received advice on the use of web platforms, with the aim of training in the marketing of their products in digital media, thus contributing to the economic and social development of the indigenous reserves.


Finally, the Naval Institution carried out campaigns that addressed issues of prevention of teenage pregnancy, suicide, sexting, grooming, consumption of psychoactive substances and school dropout, as well as the good use of technological means, in which 1233 young people and adolescents actively participated.


These interventions ratifies the institutional commitment to the promotion of social, civil and cultural rights in the indigenous reserves, in the same way becoming an environment to generate a culture of harmony, raising the awareness in the inhabitants about the negative effects that derive from violence, under the premise that peace is the essential condition for well-being within these communities.


Source: Press - Navy of Colombia

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