Más de 2,3 toneladas de clorhidrato de cocaína incautadas en el Caribe colombiano

In 2023, the Caribbean Naval Force has prevented the appearance of 13 thousand new addicts and 27 thousand medical emergencies with the finding of more than 26.9 tons of this drug.


As part of the control operations carried out in the fight against drug trafficking, the Colombian Navy, jointly with the Colombian Air Force and multinational authorities from Panama and the United States, reported the finding of more than 2.3 tons of cocaine hydrochloride in the Colombian Caribbean.


The combination of surface resources of the Caribbean Naval Force with the support of air units of the National Aeronautical Naval Service – SENAN of Panama, the Joint Task Force of the Southern Command of the United States - JIATFS and the Colombian Air Force, led to the consolidation of the first result, after reporting the detection of a suspicious ship traveling at high speed through the waters of the Caribbean Sea, bound for Costa Rica.


Immediately, a Rapid Reaction Unit of the Coast Guard Station of Urabá was sent to the area for the corresponding review, reporting the maritime interception of the Go Fast type ship 21 nautical miles northeast of Cabo Tiburón - Chocó department, in the Gulf of Urabá.


Inside the boat, troops found 86 sacks containing 2150 rectangular packages, similar to those used by drug trafficking organizations for the transport of illicit substances.


The five individuals who were crewing the boat, four of Colombian nationality and one Honduran, were safely taken along with the material to the Coast Guard Station of Urabá, where the Approved Preliminary Identification Test – PIPH was carried out by the Judicial Police, establishing that the substance contained in the packages corresponded to 2143 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.


In the second operation carried out at the mouth of the Sinú - Boca Tinajones River, it was possible to find an illegal hiding place thanks to the operation of the Naval Special Forces Group of the Caribbean together with Coast Guard and Naval Aviation units of the Colombian Navy, with the support of an aircraft of the Colombian Air Force.


In this hiding place were found by troops seven sacks with alleged illicit substance, which when submitted to the PIPH left positive result for 159 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.


It is estimated that these illegal goods would reach a cost of 77 million dollars in the international illegal market, a figure that stops entering the organizations serving drug trafficking thanks to the decisive operation that the Colombian Navy conducts against this problem in the Caribbean.


In addition, 5.7 million doses of cocaine were prevented from being sold on the streets of the world.


The arrested personnel and the material were put into custody of the authorities.


With these results, the Caribbean Naval Force exceeds the 26.9 tons of cocaine hydrochloride found in 2023, preventing 13 thousand new addicts, 27 thousand medical emergencies and dealing a blow of 907 million dollars to the multicrime organizations that commit crimes in this region of the country.


Source: Press – Navy of Colombia

Saturday, March 18, 2023 By MEBS