Más de 2.000 personas beneficiadas con jornadas médicas y de desarrollo en Nariño

The inhabitants of the municipalities of El Peñol and Ricaurte benefited of medical services and activities focused on strengthening the well-being of the region.


With the aim of generating spaces that contribute to the well-being and quality of life of the communities, the National Army with its Faith in Colombia program, in coordination with the Government of Nariño, the Juan Corazón Foundation, among other public and private institutions, reached the municipalities of El Peñol and Ricaurte to benefit more than 2,000 people with health services.


This is how the Engineer Battalion No.23 moved to the municipality of El Peñol, with the aim of making different services available to the inhabitants for free. There approximately 670 people, including older adults, children, young people, pregnant women and adults, received care in general medicine, physiotherapy, psychology, dentistry, information on sex education, as well as beauty services such as hairdressing and manicure.


In the same way, the participants of the activity made the most of this space, enjoying sports activities, which in the same way provided the little ones, through games, the use of inflatables, face painting and balloon twisting.


It is noteworthy that this is the second activity that is carried out in the municipality El Peñol during the year 2022, to contribute to the well-being of its inhabitants and strengthen the rapprochement with society. In this way we work together for the security and tranquility of the region.


Moreover, the institution with its Mechanized Cavalry Group No.3 came to the municipality of Ricaurte to carry out a development support activity through which it was possible to benefit more than 1,800 people, not only of the urban area but of the rural area that is largely composed of indigenous communities. Residents of nearby municipalities in the same way participated in the activity.


There the participants of the activity had access to free of charge services in general medicine, physiotherapy, psychology, nursing, medication distribution, vaccination, as well as legal advice, sex education, hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, clothing and footwear donation. Sports and recreational activities were in the same way carried out, such as football championship, clown show, inflatables and balloon twisting; thus contributing to improving the comprehensive health of this community.


Source: press - Twenty-Third Brigade of the National Army

Friday, September 2, 2022 By merybra