Mindefensa anuncia en Cúcuta un plan de seguridad fronterizo Cúcuta

Holmes Trujillo, Minister of National Defense, announced after concluding a security council in Cúcuta, the assignment by the National Army of 360 new soldiers to counter the strategic drug trafficking routes, in the department of Norte de Santander.


The soldiers, who will arrive in April, will have the operation to monitor the Cúcuta – Ocaña and Convention roads, including the municipality of Guaramito.


"In 15 days, 12 platoons will arrive to impact specific and more hit areas, while the new component is to be assigned", said the Minister, who was accompanied by the military and police commanders, as well as local and regional authorities.


The head of the Defense in the same way ordered to keep and increase intelligence activities by the Security forces, as well as operations that lead to the dismantling of Organized Armed Groups at the border.


In his speech, he highlighted the design and implementation of a 'Border Security Plan for the metropolitan area of ​​Cúcuta', deployed through a sustained, joint and interagency operation conducted by the Military Forces and the National Police.


He in the same way highlighted the importance of the military and police campaign 'Esparta', aimed at counteracting criminal groups that commit crimes at the border, whose results against these illegal structures will be evaluated monthly.


In the same way, the Minister of Defense explained that the National Police will begin a work to incorporate new young men in coordination with the Government, the mayors of the metropolitan area, and the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Cúcuta.


Finally, Trujillo told local and regional authorities that on March 10 a Security Council will be held in the municipality of Ocaña, to analyze the security situation and take the corresponding operations.


Source: Sectorial Communication - Ministry of National Defense

Thursday, February 20, 2020 By merybra