Gaula Militares capturan integrantes de grupos delincuenciales dedicados a extorsionar

Through operations of search procedures and arrests by court order, the Military Gaula Caribe in coordination with Gaula  of the  Police arrested eight members of the Organized Gang, GDO, Los Costeños de Soledad for the crimes of aggravated extortion and drug trafficking.


With the operation that lasted approximately one month conducted by control and review intelligence tasks, it was possible to show that the sectors most damaged by the criminal operations of this criminal organization are Villa del Carmen, Villa Santa, La Central, San Bernardo and Don Bosco neighborhoods in the municipality of Soledad, where the raids were carried out.


Another of the tactical missions to highlight was the one carried out by the Gaula - Meta that, in coordination with the Gaula of the Police and the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) of the Prosecutor's Office, arrested 15 individuals who were apparently part of the Los Eróticos gang.


These individuals apparently sense the year 2020 extort through the modality of Sexting by creating fake profiles on erotic pages which provide services as companions using images of models, gaining the trust of their victims to the point of sending intimate images for later to contact them through social networks and phone calls, making demands of different sums of money in exchange of not spreading them.


Other units that during the week have left results against kidnapping and extortion are: Military Gaula   Buenaventura with seven arrests, Ariari 4, Risaralda 3, Meta 3, Cauca 1 and Santander 1 arrest.


Source: Press - Military Gaula

Thursday, May 19, 2022 By merybra