Fuerzas Militares garantizan retorno a la normalidad del comercio en el Bajo Cauca antioqueño

Thanks to the work of the National Army and the security provided to the caravans of cargo vehicles, commercial establishments have gradually been reactivated in this region.


With the transit of more than 4,000 vehicles through the western road, the different municipalities of the Bajo Cauca area and the northeast of Antioquia, as well as the south of Córdoba, have begun to reactivate their trade.


The work of the Military Forces, working to increase the mobility of caravans both from Yarumal to Caucasia, and from Caucasia to Yarumal, has served so that shops, supermarkets, fresh vegetables, drugstores and establishments in general reopen their points of sale so that the inhabitants can make their usual purchases.


After more than 14 days of blockades on the road, several places of business have been able to stock up and their showcases look full and ready for sales. In the same way, in places of fruit and vegetable trade, prices have begun to decrease due to the entry of products such as tomatoes, onions, potatoes, among others.


During the last two weeks, more than 35 Safe Caravans have been carried out, where with the security of the Military Forces in coordination with the Police, more than 4000 vehicles have traveled including cargo vehicles, collective passenger transport and private vehicles in Bajo Cauca and the northeast of Antioquia as well as in the south of Córdoba.


During the more than 160 km of track linking Yarumal with Caucasia, the transporters have found permanent work of troops on the road, which has contributed to the economic revival in municipalities such as Valdivia, Tarazá, Cáceres, El Bagre, Caucasia, Nechí, among others.


Source: Press - National Army

Thursday, March 16, 2023 By MEBS