Ubicada área campamentaría que pertenecería al GAO Los Pelusos 

Five improvised explosive devices that apparently would be used to attack civilians were found at the scene.


Through the continuous development of military operation, aimed at neutralizing the logistical and financial operations of criminal groups that commit crimes in the Catatumbo region and within the framework of the “Heroes of Liberty” Campaign Plan, troops of the Vulcano Force found in rural Sardinata, in the department of Norte de Santander, a camp area that belonged to the Organized Armed Group, GAO, Los Pelusos.


The place that was used as a strategic point of passage by members of this illegal organization was in the Las Pailas village, a sector in which men belonging to the Ground Operations Battalion No.9, found five Improvised Explosive Devices, which apparently they would be used to attack civilians and troops that are deployed in the area.


Once the search and control procedure took place and all was verified, the Explosives and Demolition Group (EXDE) carried out the controlled destruction of the explosive charges under security protocols, thus preventing collateral damage.


The use of this type of improvised explosive devices violates Human Rights and violates International Humanitarian Law by using unconventional means and methods of warfare expressly prohibited in the different international treaties and protocols.


Source: Press - National Army


Sunday, April 19, 2020 By merybra