En operación coordinada se logra la ubicación e inutilización de material de guerra en el sur de Bolívar

In coordinated operation the discovery and destruction of war material is achieved in the south of Bolívar


In a coordinated operation of the Military Forces with the National Police, the discovery and destruction of war material in the south of Bolívar is achieved.


After a military intelligence work in the south of Bolívar, the Military Forces and the National Police managed to identify a clandestine hideout where long weapons, improvised explosive devices and ammunition were stored, which apparently were going to be used in criminal operations in this area of influence of the Organized Armed Group, GAO - Eln.


This discovery was possible thanks to the joint and coordinated effort of the Marte Task Force, the Air Combat Command No. 3 and the National Police, who, after finding the explosive material, they destroyed it.


Similarly, in this operation, the demobilization of a member of the Luis José Solano Sepúlveda front of the GAO ELN occurred.


Source: press - Colombian Air Force

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 By merybra