In operations against drug trafficking, units of the Navy of Colombia together with troops of the National Army find an illegal depot where 1,250 kilograms of solid precursors were stored, which would be used for the preparation of coca base paste, in the Municipality of Barrancominas, in the department of Guainía.


In compliance with the Bicentenary Plan, units of the Marine Infantry Battalion No.50, with the support of troops of the ground Combat Battalion No.28 of the National Army, through an amphibious assault operation, find an improvised wooden structure with a roof palm, where they found 16 sacks of urea, two sacks of ammonia, seven bags of fertilizer, as well as a spray pump and one barrel with five gallons of mixed fuel.


According to intelligence information, this material belongs to the terrorist support networks of the "José Daniel Pérez Carrero" front, of the ELN armed group. This year, the Naval Force of the East, has managed to hit the chain of drug trafficking used by this outlaw group to finance its criminal operations. Troops found 1.7 tons of solid precursors and 6,397 gallons of liquid precursors; 10 structures for the production of alkaloids were destroyed.


No arrests were made during the operation.


Source: Naval Force of the East

Thursday, May 23, 2019 By Comunicaciones (not verified)