Fuerza pública incauta cargamento de cocaína en aguas cercanas a la costa de Cartagena

In a combined and coordinated operation conducted by the Colombian Navy, National Police and with the help of the United States Navy, it was possible to find 108.8 kilograms of cocaine that were transported in a Colombian boat in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, 250 miles off the coast of Cartagena, in Bolivar.


Thanks to valuable information from Colombian Naval Intelligence, the US boat USS Pinckney that was patrolling in that area of the Caribbean Sea, conducted a maritime interception of the suspicious boat Rina II, finding inside it 110 rectangular packages containing the drug.


Immediately a Unit of the Rapid Reaction of the coast Guard Station in Cartagena, which carried out operations of maritime control in the area to have a rendezvous or meeting at sea with the U.S. Boat in a movement that led the members of the Naval institution receive in custody the illegal cargo, a traumatic gun, a GPS, a cell phone and the five persons of Colombian nationality who sailed in the boat.


The rectangular packages were taken to the dock of the Coast Guard Station of Cartagena where units of the Judicial Police, carried out the initial preliminary test which left positive result for cocaine. The drug, the five people and the materials were put into custody of the authorities.


It is estimated that the approximate value of this shipment of cocaine on the international black market would be close to 3 639 billion dollars, a figure that thanks to this successful operation of the military and judicial authorities failed to enter the finances of transnational drug trafficking groups.


Source: press-Navy of Colombia

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 By merybra