Fuerza Pública desmantela laboratorio para el procesamiento de clorhidrato de cocaína en el Guaviare

A construction for the production of cocaine hydrochloride was found by the Military Forces in the village La Fuga, in the municipality of San José del Guaviare, where it was in the same way possible to find half a ton of cocaine hydrochloride, and one and a half tons of solid precursors and 2,090 gallons of liquid precursors.


The operation was carried out jointly, coordinated and inter-institutional by the Colombian Air Force, the National Army, the Colombian Navy and the National Police, with the aim of stopping the chain of production and trafficking of narcotics that potentially harms the quality of life and healthy growth of children, youth and adults both nationally and internationally. Similarly, this illegal activity potentially harms the Colombian Amazon rainforest with the indiscriminate felling of trees.


It should be noted that this operation significantly attacks the criminal finances of the residual Organized Armed Group, GAO-r, First structure (Estructura Primera), and considerably hits the intentions of this gang to expand in the sector, losing about 1,900 million pesos and taking out of circulation half a ton of this narcotic, which reduces the risk that a considerable percentage of young people fall into the world of drugs and the dangers it generates.


The material was destroyed in controlled conditions for the protection of the environment and the judicial proceedings were taken by the Prosecutor's Office of San José del Guaviare.


Source: Press - Colombian Air Force


Thursday, September 1, 2022 By merybra