Fuerza Pública propina duro golpe contra el microtráfico en Melgar, Tolima

In a coordinated operation conducted by the Colombian Air Force and the National Police through searches and raids in the Galán, la Florida and aldea neighborhoods, in the municipality of Melgar, Tolima, it was possible to arrest seven people, thereby harming the micro-trafficking network in this part of the country.


During this operation it was possible to arrest the main ringleader of the La línea gang, alias Edwar, who allegedly carried out the marketing and sale of narcotics in this municipality and six other people who were involved in this illegal trade.


In this result, the Colombian Air Force supported the officials of the National Police, who carried out the inspection of the houses where there was information that the marketing and distribution of the drug was carried out by retail. In the procedure, seven arrests were made for crimes of association to commit a crime, illicit destination of furniture or real estate, trafficking, manufacture or carrying of narcotics; in addition, troops found a motorcycle and a revolver-type firearm.


The arrested were put into custody of the Prosecutor's Office 08 Specialized Regional Anti-Narcotics Unit of Ibague, Tolima.


The Colombian Air Force invites citizens to denounce this type of crime and in the same way recognizes that the union of the people and state forces are the best tool to work to ensure the tranquility and security of all.


Source: Press-Colombian Air Force

Thursday, September 1, 2022 By merybra