Capturado alias ‘Ezequiel’, máximo cabecilla de las redes de apoyo del Grupo Armado Organizado residual

 Capture of alias ‘Ezequiel’, top ringleader of the support networks of a residual organized Armed Group

Alias ​​‘Ezequiel’, is a top ringleader of the support networks of the residual Organized Armed Group, GAO, ‘E1’, under the command of alias ‘Jhonier’, head of this outlaw group.


In a special joint operation conducted by the Colombian Navy, the Colombian Air Force, in coordination with the Prosecutor's Office and the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps), it was possible to capture two individuals: alias 'Ezequiel', top ringleader of the residual Organized armed group, Gao-r, Structure 1 and alias 'Neneco', one of the main members of this Network, in Puerto Leguízamo, Putumayo.


Thanks to the intelligence that was carried out for more than a year of investigation and monitoring of the residual GAO, in Puerto Leguízamo, Putumayo, the information necessary to carry out the operation that led to the capture of these two important ringleaders of the Residual Structures of Support was consolidated. Puerto Leguízamo, Putumayo, is one of the areas that, due to its strategic location, is used as a logistics and criminal coordination center for residual organized groups.


Criminal records


Esequiel Otaya Chávez, aka “Ezequiel”, was linked to this network for approximately 15 years.


From 2005 to 2015 he participated in criminal intelligence works and terrorist operations planned against Security forces Units that exercised territorial control over the Caquetá and Putumayo Rivers.


In April 2017, he extorted and controlled the traffic of drug trafficking through the Caquetá River, in the municipality of La Tagua, in Putumayo, to the mouth of the Caguán River, in Caquetá.


In March 2018, he became the trusted man of Jhon Fredy Henao Muñoz, alias ‘Jhonier’, chief leader of the residual GAO Structure 1, who advised him in making decisions related to criminal operations in Puerto Leguízamo, Putumayo. In August of that same year he participated in the planning of the terrorist attack against the Units of the Security forces, in La Tagua, Putumayo.


In 2019, he coordinated the purchase and sale of weapons, ammunition and logistics for the transport of illegal substances, in Putumayo and Caquetá.


On the other hand, Gustavo Martínez Hernández, alias ‘Neneco’, was under the direction of alias ‘Ezequiel’ since 2010. He was in charge of the criminal intelligence activities against the Colombian Navy Units on the Caquetá River. In 2016 and 2017, he executed extortions against farmers and merchants.


In August 2018, he participated in the planning of the terrorist attack against the Units of the Security forces in La Tagua, Putumayo.


In 2019, he was in charge of carrying out criminal intelligence and coordinating the logistics required for the clandestine meetings of the residual Organized Armed Group Structure 1, in Puerto Leguízamo, Putumayo.


Source: Southern Naval Force

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