Fuerza Pública está comprometida con la seguridad de los excombatientes de las Farc: Mindefensa Molano

“More than 2,600 men of the Military Forces today are guaranteeing the security of Farc former members who made the decision to enter legality in the 24 Territorial Spaces for Training and Reintegration (ETCR).”


This was reported by the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, in the framework of the commemoration of the implementation of the policy of Peace with legality, where he highlighted five actions that the Military Forces have been carrying out to guarantee the construction of a peace with legality.


Among those operations, he spoke about the reduction in the homicide rate, which in 2020 were reported to be the lowest in the last 45 years, as well as that of kidnappings in the last 37 years.


In the same way, about the protection of ex-combatants, about operations against organized illegal armed groups, which are financed by drug trafficking, and also about the support to the restitution of lands.


“Peace is achieved and built with deeds. In Colombia, the Military Forces and the National Police work every day, without any pause, on the defense of peace, on the defense of security, on the defense of human rights and on the guarantee of security for all Colombian regions,” said the head of the ministry of Defense.


The minister in the same way recalled that there are some organized armed groups that never signed an agreement that seek to carry out violent operations to attack peace. “They are the biggest perpetrators of human rights violations, they generate forced displacements, they attack leaders and they are responsible for collective homicides that hurt us all,” said the minister in the Urabá region.


He in the same way recalled that in 2010 the illegal armed groups were made up of about 38,000 men, while today the armed insurgents are no more than 12,000 men.


Molano in the same way said that throughout the armed conflict in Colombia, more than 388,000 Military Forces men are now victims of war crimes.


Finally, Molano thanked the more than 400 thousand men soldiers of land, sea and air and police officers who “today, in the past and in the future make the decision to risk their lives to protect the peace and guarantee the security of all Colombians.”


Source: Defence Sector Communications Office – Ministry of National Defence

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 By merybra