Fuerzas Militares y Fiscalía capturan a alias Colacho, cabecilla de las disidencias en Bolívar

Alias Colacho did not accept the peace process in 2018 and is accused of being responsible for several murders of social leaders in the south of Bolívar.


Thanks to the joint efforts, it was possible to arrest alias Colacho, the alleged ringleader of the residual armed group No.37, made up of dissidents, who was arrested after joint and inter-institutional work conducted by the Colombian Air Force, the National Army and the Attorney General's Office.


Jhon Carlos Rincón, alias Colacho for 11 years was part of this organized armed group and in his criminal history reports he would have allegedly participated in the murder of social leaders in the south of Bolívar and former members of the extinct Farc, as well as collecting money from extortions from merchants and members of productive groups in the region. This is completed with his possible responsibility for the forced displacement of inhabitants of the Puerto Guamo sector, who were intimidated through terrorist operations.


Source: press-Colombian Air Force


Monday, October 25, 2021 By merybra