Between 2003 and 2019, 259,545 explosive devices and anti-personnel mines were neutralized, almost the same number of the total number of victims of the conflict, members of the Security forces: 296,954, men and women.


Since the approval of the Victims Law in 2011, April 9 has become the National Day of Memory and Solidarity with the victims. Reason why, this day the Security forces pay tribute to the Military and Police victims of the armed conflict and their families.


It is an emblematic date that serves as a space for dialogue to discuss our recent history, a date that invites reflection and reconstruction of the historical memory and the visibility of the victims of the armed conflict in the Security forces.


Before these episodes, the Military Forces remember every year the victims of this situation and honor them with different acts of commemoration; activities that have the intention of keeping alive in the memory of the Colombians the sacrifice that the members of the Security forces have put in order to guarantee the security of the territory and protect the citizens.


Currently, the Security forces has about 300 thousand victims reported of which 207,000 belong to the Army, 32,000 to the Navy, 2,000 to the Air Force and 54,000 are part of the Police, figures associated with homicide, terrorist acts, attacks, threats, crimes against freedom and good physical condition and torture.


Given these figures and with the firm determination that these numbers do not continue to increase, year after year the country remembers this date and seeks to call the attention so that this phenomenon of violence in Colombia ceases and especially to prevent addition of victims to the list of pain that has increased for decades.


Source: COGFM Strategic Communications

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 By merybra