The National Army reestablished the transit on the Medellín - Bogotá highway and supported some 3,500 people of the villages of La Playita, Cabuyal, Centro, Salinas, Quebraditas and Margaritas, which were hit after the fall of land caused by the rain.


The metropolitan area of ​​the Aburrá Valley, in the center of the department, has witnessed constant and heavy rainfall in recent weeks, which have caused different landslides and floods, both in rural and urban areas.


During the last weekend in the municipality of Cabuyal, in the municipality of Copacabana, a landslide occurred due to the overflow of water sources on the road that leads to the Medellín - Bogotá highway, damaging the traffic and even the houses that were along the road.


However, despite the environmental calamity, the National Army in the framework of Operation Artemisa, a strategy that has been carried out by the military institution for the care of the environment, together with its team of Military Engineers, cleared the way and led to the restoration of the normality in the sector thanks to their effective labor and the yellow machinery management.


The objective, in addition, is to stabilize the mountain to prevent future landslides and setbacks to the civilian population, this through their knowledge of environmental disasters and risk management.


In the same way, the community of Liborina, at the west of the department, was hit by an avalanche produced by the overflow of the stream La Sequia; Army men, in the same way, came to the scene to support everything necessary for the tranquility of the inhabitants.


Source: National Army

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 By Comunicaciones (not verified)