With the mission of recovering the tertiary roads of the municipalities of La Pradera, Cairo and Genova (Valle del Cauca), hit by landslides caused by the wave of rains, the Bicentenary Heroes of the Engineers Battalion No. 3 Coronel Agustín Codazzi, worked with machinery and personnel to restore mobility in this region.


The works, carried out with the support of the Risk Management section of the National Army Engineers Command, benefited 1,120 people of the villages of Camellones, La Miranda, La Guardia, El Fango, and San José de Peñas Blancas; 1,273 inhabitants of the Lomitas - Potrerillo municipalities and 700 people of the villages El Jardán, Betania and Regaderos, where more than 17 km of track was maintained and it was possible to remove more than 3,000 cubic meters of debris, which blocked the transit of vehicles.


With this support of the National Army, not only the economy and the commercial activities of these municipalities in Valle del Cauca become active, but in the same way they contributed to the protection of the environment through the removal of weeds, cleaning and reconstruction of gutters, clearing of the Guabas and La María rivers and construction of the dam in the Bolo river.


Source: Engineers Command - National Army


Saturday, June 15, 2019 By josedomi