Ingenieros Militares construyeron vía en Ibagué

After more than 12 years the community of Alamos, in the department of Tolima, has access to a road in optimal conditions. It was built by the Engineers Battalion No.13 'General Antonio Baraya' of the Sixth Brigade of the National Army, in agreement with the Mayor's Office of Ibagué, and so they improved the quality of life of this community.


317 meters of psi 4,200 concrete were used, with different diameters of width due to the structure of the street, which was executed with quality so that it has a durability of more than 30 years.


Once again, the mayor of the Ibaguereños, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, insists that this agreement with the National Army is the way to save resources and intervene areas that were totally abandoned.


For the Military Engineers, this is one of the many ways of the Bicentenary Heroes of Tolima to contribute not only to safety, but in the same way to the development and improvement of the inhabitants' quality of life.


Source: National Army

Monday, July 29, 2019 By merybra