Los Ingenieros Militares están a disposición para el desarrollo vial de Vichada': Trujillo

Carreño (Vichada). The Colombian National Navy will strengthen the check points on the Vichada and Orinoco rivers and the National Police Anti-Extortion Special Group will be in Vichada to execute a Special intervention Plan to face the crime of extortion.


This was announced by the Minister of Defense, Holmes Trujillo, at the end of a security council in Carreño (Vichada), in which he in the same way emphasized the work that the National Army must accomplish in this area of the east of the country.


"The Military Engineers are available for the department's roads development, in that sense, they will meet with the Government to materialize the inter-institutional agreements that led to the construction of new roads," he said.


In the report, he said that by July 2020 a migratory base will be built on the Orinoco River, "to strengthen the migratory controls in the border area and comply with the duties acquired in the Workshop Construyendo País".


On the other hand, he said that on December 16, an extended migration table will be installed in Carreño, in which the "migration issue" will be analyzed comprehensively and the corresponding decisions will be made.


"Migracion Colombia, facing the reality that is taking place in the zone, will strengthen the special migratory group to carry out the controls of legal permanence of foreigners and identify the actors that would damage the security in the region," said the Minister of Defense.


Another item of the report was the analysis and review of the cost of air tickets to and from the city of Carreño, an issue that will be promptly presented to the Satena presidency.


Finally, Trujillo announced a security council in Cumaribo (Vichada), in the coming days.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019 By merybra