Con ceremonia y desfile militar, Quinta Brigada del Ejército Nacional conmemoró el Bicentenario

Several activities in the region were part of this special date for Colombians and for the National Army.


In Piedecuesta, in the department of Santander, the Fifth Brigade of the Second Division commemorated the Bicentenary of the National Army and the Battle of Boyacá with the people of Santander. Attendees enjoyed a Military Parade, in honor of the Piedecuesta people who toured the central streets of the municipality.


During the ceremony, several decorations were granted to military who have distinguished for their work for our country and for the Institution.


In the same way, the Military Parade motivated in the assistants their patriotism when commemorating the 200 years of the Liberating Route that triumphed with the Battle of Boyacá, in which Santander, thanks to the Battle of Pienta, could be part of this historic celebration.


On the other hand, in other municipalities of the region commemorative plaques were revealed in honor of the Heroes, born in this region, who died in fulfillment of the mission.


For 200 years, the National Army has been working in defense of the security of Colombians. Today we celebrate the freedom, honor and glory, which the liberating troops brought to the nation and continues to do their best to build a better country.


Source: Fifth National Army Brigade

Thursday, August 8, 2019 By merybra