Puente militar le devolvió el paso a cerca de 250.000 habitantes de la Provincia de Soto Norte, en Santander

The semi-permanent modular metal structure was mounted in a record time of six days, thanks to the arduous operation of the National Army.


The National Army, through the Engineering Command and the Second Division, in coordination with the Government of Santander and the National Disaster Risk Management Unit, made the deployment of its differential Resources for the installation of a semi-permanent modular metal structure in the Beach sector, via the municipality of Matanza, Santander.


With an extension of 51.85 meters and a resistance of 52 tons, soldiers of the Special Operations Engineer Battalion No.90, with the support of the Caldas Battalion, of the Fifth Brigade, carried out in a record time of six days the installation of the acrow-type military bridge, which returns connectivity to six municipalities of the province of Soto Norte with the capital city of Santander and the rest of the country.


Thirty men, including officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers belonging Special Operations Engineer Battalion No.90, worked incessantly during these days to carry out the installation of the semi-permanent modular metal bridge, which will have a time of use on site for approximately eight months, while the construction works of the permanent bridge are completed.


For the execution of this important project, it was necessary to adapt the land and carry out previous construction works, to ensure that it was stable and in optimal installation.


Due to the intense rains that the country is facing, on May 10 there was a sudden overflow in the Charta River, which caused the fall of the bridge that connects the municipalities of Matanza, Suratá, California, Vetas, Charta and Tona with the city of Bucaramanga and the center of the country, which has hit the cargo and passenger transport.


With this work, a solution is provided to about 250,000 inhabitants of the region, who after the emergency presented difficulties in the marketing of their products and the provision of food and supplies, being forced to put their good physical condition at risk using unsafe improvised routes.


Our soldiers, once again demonstrate their commitment and love of country by helping vulnerable communities, preserving the life and good physical condition of the inhabitants and providing tangible and timely solutions.


Source: Press - National Army


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