Duro golpe de las Fuerzas Militares y Policía contra la minería ilegal, en Antioquia

Thanks to sustained operations in the department of Antioquia, in a joint, coordinated and interagency manner, in Llanogordo, municipality of Dabeiba, Antioquia; the result was the intervention of four mining production units.


Likewise, 15 men were arrested in flagrante delicto, who apparently illegally exploited the rubber from the Alto Quiparadó stream.


With this result, the finances of the Edwin Román Velásquez Valle substructure of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, Clan del Golfo, will be directly harmed, and they will no longer receive approximately 4,500 million pesos per month coming from this illegal activity that harms the environment.


In the same way, troops found and destroyed 17 engines, 11 kilograms of explosives, electrical transformers, 6 storage tanks, among other materials and precursors used for the illegal exploitation of mining sites.


Source: press-Colombian Air Force

Thursday, July 22, 2021 By merybra