Traslados masivos de pacientes con COVID-19, una capacidad de la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana

In the midst of the health emergency and thanks to the ability to conduct mass transfers of patients with COVID-19, the Colombian Air Force has been crucial to adapt military aircraft as aircraft hospital, making the infected to arrive at a destination where they can have guaranteed an Intensive Care Unit, ICU.


To carry out this mission, the military transport Air Command, CATAM, internally adapts a C-295 Titan aircraft, dividing it into two zones, the first with flight crew, and the second, with patients, who have individual intensive care units, prepared to operate autonomously during the flight.


The medical crews of the Air Force are provided with last generation equipment and instruments, in the same way they have, the experience of previous missions such as those carried out in 2020 with patients transported to the capital of the country from Leticia, Amazonas, and some of the wounded of the explosion in Tasajera, Magdalena, with COVID-19.


The Colombian Air Force, in fulfillment of the mission entrusted, continues to be in maximum readiness to serve the nation, making all its resources available through the National Center for Personnel Recovery - CNRP.


Source: press-Colombian Air Force

Friday, January 22, 2021 By merybra