Con maquinaria y personal especializado, autoridades atienden emergencia invernal en Piedecuesta

From early hours, soldiers and relief agencies of the department, work to give tranquility to the inhabitants in the sector that contacts the capital city of Santander with the interior of the country.


Soldiers of the Second Division of the National Army, through the Fifth Brigade, face the emergency on the road that connects the municipality of Piedecuesta with the capital city of the country, due to the avalanche that took place on Tuesday night, February 25, as a result of heavy rains.


Very early, soldiers of the disaster assistance squad of the Engineer Battalion No.5 Coronel Francisco José de Caldas, arrived at the site known as Pescadero, where they work with yellow line machinery, specialized personnel and other capabilities, on the removal of debris, clearing of the road, transporting passengers and searching for personnel in about 7 kilometers of road.


Heavy rains throughout the night increased the flows of the El Boquerón, El Cafetal, Manco and Río de Oro streams, hitting six hamlets : Boquerón, Pescadero, Quebrada Grande, El Guamo, Barroblanco and Sector Bore. Three people are injured, three deceased and six missing.


The road is completely closed and the risk zones are constantly monitored, at the head of the Risk Management Unit of Santander. In the same way, the authorities warn drivers to take alternate roads such as Barrancabermeja or San Alberto, by Cesar, to move into the interior of the country.


Source: Fifth Brigade - National Army

Thursday, February 27, 2020 By merybra