Since 2016, when the facilities of the Army Doctrine Center, CEDOE, were inaugurated, it is traditional for delegates from different countries (military and diplomatic) to visit the Institution in order to held strategic meetings to exchange doctrinal knowledge that arise from the projection of the capacities demonstrated by the Bicentenary Heroes and the worldwide impact due to their optimal results.


Military operations such as 'Angel Flight', 'Independence', 'Freedom 1', 'Troy', 'Phoenix', Operation 'Jaque', 'Chameleon', 'Sodoma', 'Odyseo', 'Apolo', 'Archangel' and the most recent operation 'David' (where alias 'Guacho', ringleader of the Farc Residual group known as front 'Oliver Sinisterra', died) are just some of the operations that demonstrate the capabilities of the members of the Military Forces, soldiers of Colombia that permanently fulfill, in silence, the strategic objectives of the Nation.


Therefore, the Commanders of the allied armies of Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, and the Dominican Republic, among others, have visited, presented and exchanged experiences acquired in the construction of their governing documents; there is where the 'Damaso' doctrine becomes a reference and model to follow.


In addition to these doctrinal encounters, the members of the ECO Company of Civil Affairs of the United States Army; the Training Group and Military Cooperation of Canada; the promotion XXIV of the Superior course of War of Guatemala, the commander of the First Brigade of the Military School of France; the Defense Attachés of the People's Republic of China and France; the Military Commander of the Amazonas of Brazil and the Director General of the National Border Service of Panama, Senafront, have known firsthand the processes set in motion by CEDOE.


Each presentation made by the members of the National Army shows the 200 years in which the Bicentenary Heroes have worked to provide the best of their abilities for the fulfillment of the constitutional mandate, through the knowledge of military science and, without a doubt, the results known around the world given the expertise and strength of the institution.


The above is reflected in each of the manuals of the doctrine 'Damasco' which, from its different phases, presents and deepens the fundamental principles of the Army, framed in the respect for human rights and IHL, in view of the challenges of the future, building a modern and interoperable doctrine that supports and integrates the capabilities of the military Forces.


Source: Army Doctrine Center - CEDOE

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