On this occasion, the work of the soldiers of the Humanitarian Demining Engineers Battalion No.6 is reflected in the declaration of Cali as a territory free of suspicion of explosive devices.


The operation of the Non-Technical Studies teams, who toured the city investigating 37 events of accidents and incidents with explosive devices, led to close 27 of these cases, cancel two and clear eight, thus confirming 18,822 square meters of the urban and rural areas clear of suspicion of antipersonnel mines.


With the presentation of a commemorative plaque in honor of the work done by the soldiers, Mayor Maurice Armitage, expressed his gratitude on behalf of all the “Caleña” people and he added: "Now people can walk quietly because we are sure that there are no mines in any side; we the Caleños must have hope that the future will be better ".


So, guaranteeing the people’s right to life, people’s right to use their lands and the people’s free transit through the territory, the soldiers of the National Army benefited about 37,000 inhabitants.


Source: National Army - Humanitarian Demining Brigade

Friday, May 31, 2019 By Merybravo