Un capturado y un menor recuperado tras combate con integrantes del GAO residual, frente 30 'Rafael Aguilera'

The Joint Task Force for Stabilization and Consolidation Hercules in development of a joint military operation, conducted by the National Army, the National Navy, coordinated with the National Police and interinstitutional with the Attorney General's Office, made the arrest of an alleged member of the residual Organized Armed Group, structure 30 Rafael Aguilera, the recovery of a minor and the finding of war material in the village of San Luis, municipality of Santa Barbara de Iscuande, department of Nariño.


In the military operation troops of the Ground Operations Battalion No.15, after a fight against members of this structure, the arrest of this individual was possible, who was injured after the fight trying to flee in a boat, after leaving weapons by the Tapaje River, after the rapid reaction of units of the Navy Infantry River Battalion No.43; this individual was arrested in flagrante delicto together with a minor, who had in his possession war material.


The arrested individual was given medical assistance by the combat nurse and was taken by helicopter by members of the National Army aviation to the urban area of the municipality of Tumaco.


Similarly, at the scene of the events it was possible to find an outboard motor, a rifle, a pistol, ammunition and 10 kilograms of coca paste base.


The material and the arrested individual were put into custody of the authority for their respective prosecution; in the same way, the recovered minor was handed over to the Childhood and Adolescence Police for the restoration of his rights.


With this result troops damage this criminal organization, responsible for killings, acts of crime and clashes with other structures that commit crimes such as drug trafficking, assisting the recommendations of the early warning 080-2018, issued by the office of the Ombudsman, which consists in the adoption of prevention and protection measures that will safeguard the rights to life, liberty and security of the inhabitants of the region.


Source: Press - Navy of Colombia


Thursday, May 19, 2022 By merybra