For the first time, a demining organization is highlighted with the excellence of national engineering.


The Colombian Society of Engineers, SCI, recognized with the Fundadores Award, the work of the men and women of the National Army who day after day decontaminate the Colombian territory of the presence of explosive devices.


The award, which has been granted for the excellence of national engineering for 115 years, in the 2019 version, exalts the military that guarantee the fundamental right to life of the communities hit by the installation of antipersonnel mines.


So, the award, granted for the first time to military engineers, is obtained by the constant work of the mine clearance specialists, which have cleared since 2005 to date, about six million square meters and have the release 8,100 .000 square meters with Non-Technical Studies.


Thus, on its 132nd anniversary, the SCI extolled the efforts of the soldiers of the Brigade of Humanitarian Demining Engineers No.1, which, with quality, professionalism and discipline, have carried out 118 humanitarian demining operations in 87 municipalities.


Source: Humanitarian Demining Brigade

Thursday, May 30, 2019 By Comunicaciones (not verified)