Soldados ingenieros de desminado humanitario inician trabajos en Huila y Putumayo

Military personnel of the Humanitarian Demining Engineer Battalion No.5, who carry out decontamination work in Huila and Putumayo, were trained for 15 days, in order to continue to find and destroy anti-personnel mines.


One of the topics in which they strengthened their knowledge was the technique of medical evacuation, MEDEVAC, which is of vital importance since in work with explosive devices it must be clear the role of each of the members of the team.


In this procedure, the soldier trained in first aid must be very attentive, as he is in charge of stabilizing the wounded and attentive to orders of the team leader to take the victim on a stretcher to the extraction point, which can not be less than 100 meters of the dangerous area where the demining soldiers are carrying out humanitarian demining work.


It should be noted that this training has been very useful in each of the areas of work, because, thanks to the knowledge acquired, it has been possible to provide support on several occasions to civilians, who come to the sites where the demining soldiers are, in search of help finding in them a helping hand that is always willing to support them. 


In this way, leaders and Mine clearance specialists begin humanitarian demining operations in the south-west of the country, with the goal of free the territories of suspected explosive devices.


Source: press-Humanitarian Demining Brigade

Friday, January 22, 2021 By merybra