Con grandes obras Ingenieros Militares trabajan por el progreso de Ibagué

With construction, paving, maintenance and restoration works, the Engineers Battalion No.13 ‘General Antonio Baraya’, of the Thirteenth Brigade of the National Army, carried out large projects in different neighborhoods of Ibagué, in the department of Tolima.


Among the road consolidation projects that the Military Engineers have carried outed since 2018 to date there are those carried out in the neighborhoods: Ambalá, Los Mandarinos, Jordán, Álamos, Dorado, Nazareth, San Sebastián, Tierra Grata, Ricaurte, Venecia, Miramar, La Francia, Murillo Toro, Federico Lleras, Las Palmas, La Pola, Limonar, Avenida Ferrocarril, Avenida Bomberos, and the Boquerón neighborhood.


Putting into service of a street in the Nazareth neighborhood in Ibagué


Last week the Engineer Battalion ‘Baraya’ presented the route of the Nazareth Neighborhood of the Vlll locality improving the quality of life and transit of more than 1,000 inhabitants.


The Military Engineers team paved 120 linear meters in concrete MR41 according to the designs of the Secretariat of Infrastructure of the City Hall of the city of Ibagué


This paving directly benefits more than 100 inhabitants who live in the blocks 19 and 27, and indirectly, more than 1,000 surrounding inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods and schools.


In the same way, communication is improved for neighborhoods such as La Ceibita, El País, La Cima, Protecho-Salado, Alamos and the student community of the different schools in this locality.


Thanks to the work carried out in Ibagué by the Bicentenary Heroes of the Engineers Battalion No.13, more than 20,000 inhabitants have been benefited, achieving progress, development, communication, transit and wellbeing in the musical city of Colombia.


Source: National Army

Thursday, July 25, 2019 By merybra