En la foto el General Comandante General de las Fuerzas Militares, general Luis Fernando Navarro Jiménez; y el general Jorge León González Parra, Jefe de Estado Mayor Conjunto de las Fuerzas Militares, durante la rendición de cuentas vigencia 2021.

In the photo the General Commander of the Military Forces, General Luis Fernando Navarro Jiménez; and General Jorge León González Parra, Chief of Joint Staff of the Military Forces, during the 2021 accountability event.


The General Commander of the Military Forces, General Luis Fernando Navarro Jiménez, opened the first Public Hearing of Accountability of the Term 2021, in a virtual way, through the different social networks of the Military Forces, in order to inform citizens on the effective institutional management and the strengthening of the processes of transparency, as well as to give answers to the questions posed by the groups of value, and comply with the regulations framed in the statutory Law 1757 of 2015, “which provides provisions on the promotion and protection of the right to democratic participation ”. The General Commander of the Military Forces of Colombia, at the Fortaleza building, in the Centro Administrativo Nacional, CAN, in Bogotá, hosted the event.


The accountability event for the first half of 2021 was carried out according to the National Defense and Security Policy, the National Development Plan, and the constitutional objectives and mission. “This union, cohesion and integration of inter-institutional work under two fundamental concepts is fundamental for the Military Forces: Unified operation and progress towards institutional control of the territory, so we maintain that great commitment to the defense of the Colombian people and we continue to work on the strengthening and adaptation of Resources to operate in increasingly complex and changing environments. For example, threats such as the pandemic, the impact on the economy and the Organized Armed Groups will continue to be our priorities in order to continue guaranteeing security and assistance to the Colombian people,” the General Commander of the Military Forces explained.


It in the same way he said that the Military Forces of Colombia have faced significant challenges in the present period, where emerging strategies have been established to continue fulfilling the constitutional mission, through the use of the institutional Resources available in all regions of the country, with the firm intention of continuing to safeguard the life, honor and property of civilians. 


The contents of this hearing were selected taking into account not only the report of the operations of the General Command of the Military Forces, but in the same way the issues proposed by citizens and value groups, which, in the days before this accountability event, through concerns and questions by email.


Source: COGFM - Strategic Communications

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