*Por primera vez, el fortalecimiento de capacidades de ciberseguridad serán incluidas en el Plan Nacional de Desarrollo*

The event on Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense of the Caribbean countries – CARICOM, was held in Bogota for two days. The event that aimed to discuss and explore at a strategic level the challenges of the States in this, the fifth, domain, in the same way it led to sharing experience, challenges and opening dialogue channels that lead to proposing joint strategies to face the new security threats imposed by cyberspace today.


This event was chaired by the Ministry of Defense, by the acting director of the Anti–Narcotics Affairs and Law Enforcement (INL) Section, Kevin Murakami and representatives the Caribbean - CARICOM countries headed by Mr. Dale Joseph, Cyber Crime Policy Specialist at CARICOM IMPACS.


"Threats in cyberspace do not recognize borders (...) Colombia is a regional leader in security and has in the same way demonstrated the importance of the CARICOM countries in this space," said Dr. Murakami.


CARICOM is an integration mechanism made up of 15 member States and 5 Associates, mostly islands of the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean, representatives of the Dominican Republic, the Republic of Panama; International Organizations in the same way participated.


During this event, different presentations were made on the current challenges, Resources and results in the field of cyberdefense and cybersecurity, with the Budapest Convention (international treaty with the aim of increasing international cooperation to address cybercrime), human Rights in the cyber context and the international approach to cybercrime.


"Today, within the framework of the National Development Plan Law that is being debated in Congress, we have included the strengthening of cybersecurity in all its different dimensions in order, in that way, to be able to have, as a country, a legal regulatory environment that leads to the protection of operators of cyberspace," said Vladimir Rodríguez, director of Citizen Security of the Ministry of National Defense.


Finally, the importance of working together, between the countries, to counter this problem of cyber attacks was highlighted. "We have an opportunity to find common points to the countries and especially those in CARICOM and Latin American countries, we have had the opportunity to identify those common areas and promote coordinated initiatives to continue strengthening our regulatory frameworks, such as our Regional Resources,” concluded Catalina Calderón, director of International Relations and Cooperation of the Ministry of National Defense.


Source: Defense Sector Communications Office - Ministry of National Defense


Saturday, March 18, 2023 By merybra