En el primer semestre de 2019 Ejército neutralizó 32 atentados contra infraestructura del Estado

In military operations, troops of the Task Force Quiron neutralize a terrorist operation against the Bicentennary Pipeline to be conducted by the Omaira Montoya Henao group Organized armed group in the Policarpa village of Saravena, in the department of Arauca.


Thanks to a manual alert, men of the Special Energetic and Roads Battalion No. 14 detected two unknown individuals who made a hole on the border of the route, which was to be used to conduct a terrorist operation against the pipeline with the purpose of generating petroleum spill and cause damage to the environment.


When the individuals detected the presence of the troops, these men moved to a point where they were waited by other two individuals on two motorcycles and escaped.


In this operation, the units of the National Army launched a security operation on the sector, preventing the objective of this terrorist group that sought through these operations to hit the critical infrastructure of the State and generate anxiety in the civil population.


Source: National Army

Monday, July 22, 2019 By lisella