In a quick and timely reaction, the crew of an UH-60 helicopter "Angel" of the air component of the Joint Task Force Omega, attends and evacuates a child under four years old, who had been bitten by a snake in rural area of Miraflores


At the National Center for Recovery of Personnel, CNRP in Spanish, coordinated with the Air Component, an 'Angel' helicopter of the Colombian Air Force, was sent from La Macarena, in the department of Meta, to the extreme east of Colombia, to pick the child up and take care of him and then move him to the capital city of the department of Guaviare.


The minor was evacuated accompanied by his mother and was always monitored and stabilized by the medical personnel on board, who daily conduct aeromedical missions to save the lives of the inhabitants in the most remote places of the national territory.


Source: Omega Joint Task Force

Saturday, June 8, 2019 By catalina