Fuerza Naval del Oriente celebra 10 años al servicio de los colombianos

The Colombian Navy has been in the East of the country for almost 70 years. In 1953, arrived in Puerto López-Meta, the first fluvial component of the Naval Institution composed of ships ARC Serpa, ARC Lucio and ARC Gutiérrez, as well as the river tugs ARC Bocanegra and ARC Ruíz, in order to guard the waters of one of the most influential rivers in the 50s, the Meta River.


However, it was not until November 22, 2012 that the Eastern Naval Force based in the municipality of Puerto Carreño - Vichada was activated, as a strategic unit of the Colombian Navy in charge of leading fluvial and land operations of security and defense of sovereignty, through the Marine Infantry Brigade No.5, with its River Battalions s in Inírida, Puerto Carreño and Arauca, as well as the Naval Special Forces Group of the East and the Coast Guard Station of Puerto Carreño.


Since then, it has been 10 years fulfilling the fundamental role of safeguarding sovereignty, protecting natural resources, countering instability factors and working to improve navigability, in about 3,200 kilometers of different rivers and tributaries of this region of the country, including the Arauca, Atabapo, Guainía, Guaviare, Inírida, Meta, Metica, Negro, Orinoco and Vichada.


With the deployment of Surface, Marine Infantry and Coast Guard units, the Fuerza Naval del Oriente in 10 years has found more than 35 tons of illicit drugs, more than 400 tons of solid precursors and approximately 143 thousand gallons of liquid precursors. 225 people have been arrested for the crime of trafficking, manufacture and carrying of narcotics and the controlled destruction of 205 illegal constructions used for the drug process was possible.


In the development of operations to counter smuggling, more than 2,100 million Colombian pesos have been found in merchandise, which includes food and textiles, as well as more than 695 thousand gallons of fuel. On the other hand, in terms of wildlife recovery, more than 2,900 specimens have been recovered, including fish, mammals and reptiles.


It is a positive report that has been made thanks to the commitment of the more than two thousand men and women who protect the blue color of the flag, under the slogan With pride and courage in the Colombian east, as well as the joint work with the National Army and the Colombian Air Force, coordinated with the National Police and coordinated with the other institutions of the State, which are in the departments of Arauca, Casanare, Guainía, Guaviare Meta and Vichada.


The Logistics ARC Orinoquia Naval Base and the Eastern River Flotilla also celebrate their tenth anniversary


The Fluvial Flotilla of the east and the Naval Base d'Orinoquía, units that serve as support for the satisfactory fulfillment of the mission in the eastern region of the country, also celebrated 10 years at the service of Colombians.


The first of them has contributed strategically, operationally and tactically through its river units: Light River Support Patrol Boats, River Patrol Boats, Hovercrafts and tugs; supporting the development of security operations, control and defense of sovereignty, ratifying that the Surface Force of the Colombian Navy is not only influential and decisive in maritime environments, but also fluvial.


For its part, the ARC Orinoquía Logistics Naval Base has played a fundamental role for the development of results by the Naval Institution in the East of the country, since it has been in charge of managing and providing the necessary resources for the optimum functioning of the components of the Eastern Naval Force.


Today, on the tenth anniversary of these three units conducted in Puerto Carreño, the Colombian Navy sends a congratulations greeting to all men and women who with their daily work, recognized by the civil authorities and the people in general, have contributed to the comprehensive, economic and social development of the Eastern Plains.


Commemorative activities


The commemoration of the 10 years of the Naval Force of the East, the Fluvial Flotilla of the east and the Naval Base ARC Orinoquía, began with a thanksgiving Mass, which was attended by civil and military authorities.


Men and women members of these three Units of the Colombian Navy at the service of the Colombian East, enjoyed a lunch of companions and, subsequently, a sports afternoon, as integration spaces to strengthen the bonds of camaraderie and to recognize the work, commitment, courage, perseverance, leadership and patriotic love of each of these Colombian Sailors.


Source: presse-Marina de Colombia

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