In the framework of the Military and Police Campaign 'Esparta', the finding of precursors and machinery belonging to the organized armed group Eln, was achieved.


Troops of the Artillery Battalion No.30 'Batalla de Cúcuta', of to the Vulcano Task Force, with support of the National Army Narcotics Brigade, jointly with the Colombian Air Force, and in coordination with the National Police, found a cocaine hydrochloride laboratory, in the village of La Gómez, municipality of Tibú.


The laboratory stored 2,595 gallons of acetone, 65 gallons of hydrochloric acid, 225 kilograms of sodium metabisulphite, 25 kilograms of calcium chloride, 50 kilograms of activated carbon and 20 barrels. 12 Microwave ovens, a hydraulic press, two digital scales, two precision scales, an electronic panel, a washing machine and a cooling system, are in the same way part of the material found.


In the same way, in the facilities it was possible to destroy two rudimentary distillers, two “worms” with up to 20 holes, two filtering tables, two drying tables, two metal molds, a hopper and a boiler, machinery that was used by the Eln for the production of this narcotic drug.


The solid and liquid precursors, as well as the machinery and the equipment destroyed, was valued at approximately 6 million dollars. Important numbers that hit the financial capacity of GAO Eln.


Source: Vulcano Task Force

Monday, February 4, 2019 By merybra