21.7 tons of medical and food precursors were transported in aircraft of the Colombian Air Force, to help the inhabitants of Mitú and Inírida due to the economic difficulty that the pandemic has generated; the transport of this basic necessity cargo seeks to prevent a situation of shortages in the different areas of the national territory.


In a simultaneous mission, three aircraft of the Comando Aéreo de Transporte Militar, (CATAM), arrived at Air Combat Command No.2, (CACOM2), to collect this important aid. For two days the military worked hard, facing unstable weather conditions to supply the families of these places and guarantee the care of patients in the hospital through the equipment that was transported on these flights.


On one hand, two CN-295 aircraft were used to load a total of 11.1 tons made up of 656 boxes with food kits destined for the Mitú department, while the Hercules aircraft would have the important mission of supplying 9.2 tons of food baskets and an oxygen generator that weighed about 1.5 tons for the inhabitants of the Guainía and the hospital of the department.


This air operation reflected the coordinated and inter-institutional work of the National Government, with local leaders, the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) and the units of the Air Force to coordinate cargo logistics and execute Immediately, a flight full of hope for more than 1,233 families who will receive a livelihood from the “Colombia is with you” program led by the Ministry of the Interior, in these times of contingency.


Source: Colombian Air Force


Saturday, May 23, 2020 By catalina