In intelligence operations of units of the National Army in coordination with the Office of the General Prosecutor of the Nation, Units of the Joint Special Operations Command (CCOES), Arturo Ordóñez Riveros, alias "Horacio," Ezequiel”, or “Elefante”, member of the National Directorate of the ELN and head of the urban front of this terrorist group.


Alias ​​'Elefante', was a member of the ELN National Directorate and was in charge of leading the National Urban War Front that has interference in 10 major cities (Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Bucaramanga, Barrancabermeja, Medellín, Popayán, Cali, Neiva and Bogotá), and was in charge of directing and planning terrorist operations in the cities.


In May 2003 he had been captured and sentenced to 6 years in prison for transporting 1,746 sticks of dynamite and other explosives that would have been used in terrorist attacks. He was wanted by two arrest warrants, one for the illicit recruitment of minors and the other for the crime of aggravated rebellion.


During the last few years, 6 ELN leaders who were in charge of the reactivation of the Central War Front and its urban structures have been neutralized: alias 'Guadalupe' (2016), alias 'Antonio' ​​(2017), alias 'Tista', alias 'Walter', Alias ​​'Mateo' (2018), and now, alias 'Elefante'.


Source: Ministry of Defense

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