The inhabitants of the municipality of Turbay in Santander today open a 150-meter main road in rigid concrete built by soldiers of the National Army and the community.

With the program “Fe in Colombia, I am Santander” of the Fifth Brigade, of the Second Division, the soldiers of the Battalion of Engineers No.5 'Francisco José de Caldas', arrived at the hamlet Turbay, in the municipality of Suratá, in the department of Santander , with Mi Vereda Modelo to build the main access route to this sector.

After two months of work, an investment of 500 million pesos by private companies, the City Hall, the contribution and work of the community, as well as the workforce of a squad of this military unit, it was possible to total construction of 150 meters of rigid concrete road, which improves mobility and contributes to the region.

This municipality, based in large part on agriculture and severely damaged in previous years by the conflict, today is the epicenter where 10 villages converge and where thanks to this important work.More than 1,500 people are part of My Model Hamlet, as a result of the coordination of different actors that generate spaces for progress and social development.

This work in the same way, complements other works that have already been carried out in the sector, such as the adaptation of schools, churches and common spaces for society.

Source: Fifth Brigade of the National Army

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 By merybra