In a successful naval operation of Maritime Interdiction with the air support of the Colombian Air Force, 4,000 million pesos in contraband merchandise were seized, 70 nautical miles of La Guajira peninsula, in the waters of the Colombian Caribbean.


The operation was carried out in the maritime area of the north of the department of La Guajira, where the naval units of the Navy of Colombia, guided by the Air Combat Command No.3 of the Colombian Air Force, after the coordinated operation of the men of the Caribbean Naval Force and the timely warning of the air unit, it was possible to find and interdict the Venezuelan ship 'Angel Guardian', which would have sailed from Aruba with the merchandise, bound for Puerto Nuevo, in the department of La Guajira.


The rapid reaction of the Caribbean Coast Guard units led to the discovery of illegal material, which was stored in more than 1,400 boxes containing contraband cigarettes for an estimated cost of about 850 million pesos, as well as more than 3,000 liters of liquor (Whisky) for an amount exceeding 42 million pesos, according to the table of values ​​of the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs, DIAN.


This contraband merchandise when entering the legal trade, it is estimated that it would cost 4,000 million pesos. This is an operation that not only benefits the local, regional and national economy, but in the same way the health of the Colombians, not generating royalties for this sector and saving the lives of those who may consume that liquor.


Once the ship was stopped and inspected on the high seas, the personnel on board the ship and the confiscated material were transported to the dock in the city of Riohacha. Later on land, they were put into custody of the Taxes and Customs Police in the department of La Guajira, in order to carry out the judicial procedures.


Source: Caribbean Naval Force

Monday, February 11, 2019 By merybra