Caen 10 toneladas de coca en Nariño, la más grande incautación de este año

The hallucinogenic substance is valued at more than 12 million dollars, which means about 300 million dollars in doses on the streets.


The Defense Minister, Diego Molano, announced that in a joint operation, troops obtained the largest finding of coca that has occurred this year, with the neutralization of two laboratories for the production of cocaine hydrochloride in the municipality of El Decio, municipality of Samaniego.


“Our National Army, the Air Force, the Navy, the National Police and with collaboration with the Attorney General's Office, have given the most important blow in finding coca this year. 10 tons that means more than 300 million dollars that could have been received by the Organized Armed Group, GAO, ELN, which was responsible for those two laboratories,” the Minister explained.


In the place, the authorities destroyed more than 10,000 gallons of liquid precursors and more than 2,000 kilograms of solid precursors used for the production of the narcotic, which would belong to the ELN's Jaime Toño Obando company, as well as machinery and equipment used for the distribution of the narcotic, which would be destined for Central American countries.


“With these findings, more than 25 million doses are prevented from reaching the illegal markets, protecting the health and safety of all Colombians,” said Minister Molano.


For his part, the Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa, said that this important finding was possible thanks to the investigative operations against the Eln and its sources of illicit financing in the South West, which found a drug trafficking complex that would belong to that criminal structure.”


With this result, more than 100 tons have been found this year by the Command Against Drug Trafficking and Transnational Threats, CONAT, an elite unit of the National Army's Aviation and Air Assault Division.


Source: Defence Sector Communications Office – Ministry of National Defence

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 By merybra