En operación combinada Armada de Colombia incautaron 118 kilogramos de cocaína en la frontera con Panamá

With this result, the commercialization of 295 thousand doses of cocaine worldwide was prevented.


In development of a combined operation with the National Aeronautical Service (SENAN) of Panama, the Colombian Navy discovered 118 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride that were transported aboard a Go Fast type ship on the border with Panama.


This result was given thanks to the combination of surface resources of the Colombian Navy with a Boat of the SENAN Panama Coastal Patrol, which led to the detection of a suspicious ship with two individuals on board, which would have left the Gulf of Urabá bound for the Panamanian coasts.


Immediately, the Rapid Reaction Units of both countries were sent to the area, carrying out the interception of the ship in Cabo Tiburon, border with Panama, finding inside five sacks with 112 rectangular packages with alleged illicit substance.


The material was transported to the facilities of the Urabá Coast Guard Station, where the Approved Preliminary Identification Tests – PIPH– were carried out by units of the National Police, leaving positive result for 118 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.


The arrested were put into custody of the s authorities.


With this result, the Naval Institution prevented the entry of about four million dollars into the finances of the Organized Armed Group, GAO,  Clan del Golfo and stopped marketing approximately 295 thousand doses of cocaine on the streets of the world.







Source: Press - Navy of Colombia

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