Armada de Colombia apoya mercado campesino en Ovejas, Sucre, beneficiando habitantes de 6 municipios

This time the beneficiaries were the inhabitants of six municipalities in Ovejas, Sucre.


On board the Combat Logistics Patrol Acorazado of the Mobility Battalion No.1 we entered the municipalities of Chengue, Salitral, Don Gabriel, Flor del Monte, La Peña and Canutal to transport and then collect 13 tons of agricultural products that were marketed in the main square of Ovejas, Sucre.


A group of Colombian navy men of the Battalion No.14, accompanied by the peasants, were in charge of collecting sacks of yam, cassava, banana, avocado, cheese and boxes of whey and honey, making available their Resources to shorten the logistics chain of commercialization and increase the profits of the peasants.


In the early hours began the farmers Market Tradition Fest, led by the Navy of Colombia, the Department for Social Prosperity –SPD-, the Governor of Sucre, the Mayor of Ovejas, and had the support of the National Service of Learning SENA-, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Labour, the ministry of Economic Development and the Environment, the Rural Development Agency –ADR - and the Chamber of Commerce of Sincelejo.


This activity contributes to the economic stabilization of houses victims of forced displacement, returnees and/or relocated, and contributes to the economic reactivation of the Montes de María subregion.


Source: press-Colombian Navy

Monday, October 25, 2021 By merybra